Friday, July 30, 2004


i lost my cellfone last night. YEp. STUPID ME.
I've berated myself enough last night to last me a lifetime. I feel so damn stupid about it, not to mention really pissed because , really, who in their right minds would lose a phone so easily? My mom gave me hell for it too. I don't really want to go into the details of it because i'm mentally kicking myself in the ass right now. Phooey. My mom (in short of a lecture) gave me one of her "how can you do this!?" moments last night on the phone (i called her from a payphone) and i just snapped.
Oh Shit.
I lost my fone before (it was broken) so i decided to invest in a new one. Being the picky gal that i am, i had to get one of the new ones. Good thing i got myself a new SIM to go with it otehrwise i'd be bawling my eyes out until eternity. It's harsh to lose a phone ( an expensive one at that) but more hurtful to me is my loss of contacts. My previous loss gave me nightmares because in it i had contacts of people i RARELY see, let alone talk to, so it was really hard to get their numbers.
I cannot imagine myself without a phone. seriously. at a certain point during my frantic and helpless state (upon realizing my loss) i actually started remembering all the names listed on that phone --- the contacts, the numbers i wasn;t able to store into my old SIM (kulang space eh)... argh.
Anyway, after much thinking, i pondered on what my uncle told me last night: "It's just material stuff. The person who got it (though ill-gotten it may be) hopefully would use the money to feed his family or his kid". My uncle is such a sweet guy. I just hope he's right. (Whoever got my fone better have good intentions because Karma sucks bigtime --- be warned).

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